Fair Housing For All

Oct. 21st 2010

Real estate agents have an obligation, to his or her client as well as to themselves, to provide a high level of ethical, nondiscriminatory service. The government has passed laws to help guide you in your day-to-day interactions. These laws are important and should not get lost in the craziness of today’s market.

Discrimination is not as prevalent today as 50 years ago, but certainly still exists. It is no longer acceptable to treat anyone differently because of his or her race, religion, gender, national origin, or disability. The Fair Housing Act states every person, regardless of any differences, has the right to purchase or rent a home. The Equal Credit Opportunity Act states that no lender can deny them financial assistance due to those differences either.

There are consequences for violating these laws. Any person who feels they have been victimized or had their civil rights violated can file a complaint. These laws are put into place to protect consumers and any complaint will be thoroughly investigated and if a consumer’s rights have in fact been violated, fines and penalties will be enforced.

America is the most culturally diverse country in the world and for that reason agents should educate themselves.


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