Choosing a California Real Estate Broker

Mar. 3rd 2009

New California real estate agents deciding on which real estate broker to work for should consider several factors into this decision. Training programs and type of commission are two of the things a prospective real estate agent should consider when choosing which broker to work for.

The amount of training programs varies widely at California real estate brokerages. Many big commercial brokerages have specific real estate schools available for their new real estate salesperson. Some offices even offer a mentor program where experienced California real estate agents shadow the new agents daily for up to six months. This is the best method of training for a new California Real estate agent. Training is absolutely critical in order to gain success in California as a real estate agent.

The type of commission offered by real estate broker's should also be an important part in the decision of a new California real estate salesperson. Some California real estate brokers offer a 100% commission plan where the agent pays a flat fee to cover office costs and receives 100% of the commission. This is usually not a good idea for the new California real estate agent, as the expenses start right away. Generally a graduated split is a better option. In a graduated split, the commission increases as the real estate agents sales increase. These splits usually have no up-front expenses, so they are a much cheaper option for the beginning California real estate agent.


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