Selling strategies to get a home sold

Mar. 14th 2008

The current California real estate scene is a buyers market. This has left many home sellers wondering what they need to do in order to get their home to sell at a reasonable price and in a timely manner.

Many home sellers don't seem to understand that if they dont price their home correctly at the start of the listing period they are going to get even less for the home if an offer is made. There isnt a buyer out there who will offer full price for a property today and this must be considered when the property is priced.

A seller can get a wealth of information from requesting feedback from the agents and prospective buyers who saw the home. Many times they will give you great ideas on what it will take to get the home sold. If either the realtor or buyer mentioned any problems that are centered around location, reduce your price to try to try to stimulate the selling of the home. If the showings site that improvements are needed, have them done as quickly and professionally as possible.

Real estate professionals may have done all they can do to get a home sold and these items need to be discussed before another listing agreement is signed. Real Estate marketing is much different today than it was even five years ago. Many Realtors have not figured out how to cope with the new realities of how real estate buyers shop for a home. For example, it is vitally important, if you hope to get your home sold for a fair price, to have your home marketed well on the internet and through other digital methods.


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