Residential Real Estate or Commercial Real Estate, which is right for you?

Nov. 3rd 2010

Residential real estate and commercial real estate have similarities but are significantly different. When deciding which type of real estate you want to sell, you should ask yourself a few questions.

Residential real estate agents work with the general public to find a place to call home. They must assess the client’s needs and help determine what is a good fit. Are they a young couple with children? They may need to be in an area with good schools. Are they an older couple with grandchildren? They may prefer a more quite neighborhood with less traffic.

Commercial real estate agents still deal with the public and are required to assess the client’s needs, however then need to ask different questions. What is the market demographic for the area? If they own a medical supply company, they may want to be near a hospital or medical offices. If they own a distribution center, they might prefer an industrial area.

Commercial real estate agents are required to have a thorough knowledge of financial analysis, market demographics, and even environmental research, things that a residential real estate agent may never use.

The market is always in need of both residential and commercial agents. Deciding which is the best area for you is your first step.


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