We strive to provide you with top quality real estate courses so you can obtain or maintain your California real estate salesperson license or California real estate brokers license. We provide you with proven real estate license exam techniques and study materials that can help you pass your real estate exam the first time. You can make more money while having an excellent career selling real estate.


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Real Estate Salesperson License

Looking to obtain your California real estate salespersons license? We are the real estate school for you. Every real estate course we offer has been approved by the California Department of Real Estate. Our experienced staff is here for you and ready to answer all of your real estate course or license questions. We can help you along the way to obtaining your California real estate license.

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Package Includes:
One Elective
Online Materials
Online Finals
And More...

Real Estate Brokers License

Looking to obtain your California real estate brokers license? We offer all of the approved real estate broker courses you need. We can get you licensed as a California real estate broker.

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Brokers can enjoy the benefits of:
Working for yourself,
Be your own boss,
Attract more affluent clients.

Package Can Include:
Up to 8 courses
Online Materials
Online Finals
Application Help
And More...

California Continuing Education Courses

Are you looking to renew your California real estate license? We have all of the California continuing education courses you need to take in order to renew your license. Every Course that we offer is completly approved by the California Department of Real Estate. START TODAY

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DRE Approved Courses We Offer:
Agency, Ethics, Fair Housing, Trust Fund Handling, Risk Management, Broker Management and Supervision and Centered Real Estate.

All California Approved Courses

We offer all of the approved real estate courses you need.

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Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice, Real Estate Appraisal, Legal Aspects of Real Estate, Real Estate Escrows, Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Economics, Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending and Property Management

I found this school from the California Department of Real Estate's website and I purchased a few of their courses to qualify for my brokers license. I would suggest to anyone I know to use this school. It was fast, affordable compared to other schools I have dealt with in the past.

Choosing a California Real Estate Broker

New California real estate agents deciding on which California real estate broker to work for should consider several factors into this decision. Training programs and type of commission ore two of the things a new California real estate agent shoul...

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